Friday, October 19, 2007


Okay, so i got these pictures on the computer finally. I didnt really think i'd be that busy in a new city, but that's what i get for thinking. I thought i would show everyone how beautiful fall is around here. We are losing the leaves faster than we'd like, but man are they pretty. I also thought i'd throw in a few extras. In one of the pictures, Eric is wearing his white coat. This was just after the white coat ceremony and unfortunately, the room where the coat was placed on him was too dark, so my pics didn't turn out too well. You'll notice that in that picture there is a big M on the hill. This, of course, is for the University of Montana. We decided to brave the mountain and go for a hike last weekend. Well, apparently we haven't been hiking lately. What shouldn't have killed us did. There were a lot of switchbacks, but they were steep switchbacks. the view from the top was beautiful and we'll be sure to put those up next time. I also promise, mostly for Jill, who has asked me numerous times, to put pics of our apartment on the blog. It is an awesome wide open apartment and we love it so much. Very comfortable. There are a few pics of the trees that have the rail of a deck in them, or the view of an apartment on the third floor. that is the tree right outside our window. It was beautiful. However, if i show you a picture now, you wouldn't say the same. The leaves are almost completely gone.
Today it was, i think at the highest 50 degrees and it is only going to get colder. I hope this desert rat can take the cold. We'll see.
I hope you enjoy the pictures with the promise of more to come. Until next time,



Joe, Ashley, and Ethan said...

Wow, those trees make me so jealous because we never get to see those in AZ! How fun for you! I have a friend that wants to move to Montana so bad because of how pretty it is there so I bet you're just loving it. I'm so pround of Eric for doing so well in school. YOu guys are really succeeding at what you put your mind to and I love it! I love your hiking story. That's how I feel whenever I go hiking. But it's so fun to do when your not breathing hard and sweating!

Between the sheets ;) said...

Yeah Sara! I can not belive the colors! I haven't talked to you in a long while it feels like! I need to give you a call back! anyway keep it real I have some fun stuff to tell you!

steven said...