Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our 4th of July Blast!

Our celebration started out on Thursday evening.  We drove to Big Fork (eric's sisters live there).  There was an open house that evening for the new AMAZING lodge that people can rent for a vacation getaway.  We got to stay in the cute little cabin near that for the night.  I love that cabin.  it's right on the lake and in the middle of a cherry orchard.  Friday went: breakfast at the church (typical but good), parade in Big Fork (awesome), picnic at the lake (beautiful), boat ride (always a blast), then the amazing part.  We went to eric's sister's friends house right on the lake and watched amazing fireworks put on by some pyrotechnic guy!  Woohoo!  We got to take a boat into the middle of the bay in the dark and have a panoramic view the the fireworks.  Words and pictures can't even describe. Saturday we went to a ski resort called Big Mountain.  Sounds, a big mountain, right?  Oh it was!  We rode the ski lift to the top, ate lunch and played and rode back down.  It was amazing. After that we swam in Whitefish lake.  it's like a tropical paradise up in the mountains! Eric and I will be returning there in 2 weeks for our anniversary with our bikes.  We are going to ride the lift to the top and ride our bikes down!   Yipee skipee!  Hope ya'll enjoy the pics


Emma said...

Sounds like a fun 4th! But where are the pics?
We are headed to MT in 10 days! I wish there was a way we could meet up, wouldn't that be grand!?

Kim said...

That sounds awesome!! You guys seem to be having a great time up there! I'm glad for you!

Betty said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great fourth. You are going to have to show us some of those sights someday. We are having fun, busy, and Andy's not around, but it's great to have family. Talk to you later!