Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our 3rd Anniversary celebration and more.....

Eric:  getting ready
Sara:  Can we go now?
the cabin on Flathead Lake
ascending into the clouds with our bikes!
Eric on top ready for the ride!
kodak moment/thx to self timer!
I only wrecked once w/2 battle wounds!
I just owned that mountain back there!
In my spare time i like to make cherry pie
w/cherries i picked myself!
side of Morrell Falls
Eric hiked into the falls!

putting our tents together! Yippee!
    Rule #37: see giant bull, stop & take pic w/it!
On July 22nd Eric and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary.  We had so much fun.  We stayed in a cabin on Flathead lake and then decided to take our bikes up to Big Mtn ski resort and ride them off the top of the mtn.  It was a Blast!  The other pics are of some waterfalls (Morrell Falls) an hour or so from our home.  They are beautiful and breathtaking. (pictures don't do justice)  We hiked up to them and then camped by the trailhead.  We made tinfoil dinners and s'mores and what not.  It was a very fun weekend.  Hope you enjoy the picture overload and keep looking below this post for other fun and exciting adventures!  


The Harrison's~ said...

well it sounds and looks like you guys had fun!! by the way...happy anniversary...hehe...hope all is well for you guys!!

Emma said...

You guys always look like you're having fun in MT! Next time we come that way we must get together!

And hello, you're a biker now? Where were you when I needed someone to bike with back in the day? Really, Lisa and now you are both into biking... think of the fun we could have fun. Remember when.. I almost rode my bike down the stairs? Those pics made me think of that all over again. Good times.

Kim said...

Well I'm glad to see you are still guys are living it up in Montana. Jim and Jac just moved away...they're in Salt Lake now. Anyway, keep having fun together!

Jill said...

I can't believe how beautiful Montana looks. I have always pictured it looking that lush and nice. We HAVE to come visit before Eric's done with school.
I sure do miss y'all!!!

Sami said...

You guys look so cute together! It looks like you had such a blast! How fun is that!

Jon and Cassie Demke said...

Happy Anniversary to my 2 favorite people!

Hopes Family said...

Three Years Wow! Let me tell you time flies. Justin and I just celebrated our 9 year last week. But anyway, you made a comment on our blog a while ago and I'm finally getting back to ya. Sorry for the delay. Well, the Hopes family is doing well. Everyone seems to be settled in Price, UT except me and Justin. Casey and Jana just started a blog you could sneek a peek at We took a look at Coby's blog too. It is so fun to see how your doing after all these years. Keep in touch.
Justin and Angie Hopes