Sunday, November 23, 2008


I felt it was a fitting title.  I am currently sitting at the mac listening to Josh Groban's Noel CD.  I cannot believe the power of a voice.  I love music.  It can stir emotion like a lot of things can't.  It can bring memories of the happiest, saddest, strangest, joyful most content times of my live.  Don't let me ramble.  I just love music.  Normally I would refuse to break out the Christmas music before Thanksgiving day, unless of course i needed my fix, but this CD was a gift and I couldn't resist!  There is a song on there called Thankful.  my goodness.  And so, I am thankful.  It is not just for this song that I am thankful.  I have had this feeling of overwhelming gratitude for quite some time.  And since it is now the season of gratitude, although we should always strive to show gratitude, I will now list the things nearest and dearest to me that i am so thankful for.
my Heavenly Father
my Savior, Jesus Christ
my dear husband Eric who works so hard to get us where we need to be and constantly makes me the happiest I have ever been.
I am grateful for the mounds of knowledge my husband is and that I can turn to him for anything. 
I am grateful that I can be right sometimes.  
I am grateful for laughter.
I am grateful for a little childs laughter. I love their giggles.
I am grateful for little kids and the example they can be to most adults.  
My nieces and nephews.  they know how to unleash the kid in me. (it's not hard to do!)
my wonderful family. I can't say enough about them. their examples, strength, constant care and love.  I just love them.
my job.  I know, sometimes I'm not grateful.  Truly, it has sustained us more than I ever give it credit for.  
our warm home.  It is shelter in cold times and a place for friends to gather. It is big enough for two or three or four.  (We'll try to be content with two for now.) :)
my visiting teaching partner, who every month is so committed and the perfect example. 
good food.
great uplifting music.
hot cocoa
the Book of Mormon
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints
Pharmacy school.  It is one test after another for my sweetheart, but we are here and he is doing fine, and one day, oh say in about 2 years, we will be even more grateful than we are now, that he is here, and we made it through!
the telephone and internet.  I am more grateful for the telephone because there are less scary things that can happen through a phone than on the internet, but both help me keep in contact with those I love most!
the snow!  I know, i can't believe i'm saying it.  Maybe in March i'll be whistling a different tune.  But for now I can't wait for it to get here and to go play in it!
The Smith family.  This time of year always helps remind me of what the season is really about and this amazing family really helped me remember of the perfect love of our Brother, Jesus Christ.
snowmen.  i love them.  Big guys, little guys, round ones, square ones.  I'm addicted!
cold crisp air on a fall morning.  
the Spirit of the Christmas season around town and within every one of us during that time.  
turkey and stuffing and rolls and cherry pie and PICKLES AND OLIVES!! a thanksgiving dinner just wouldn't be the same without pickles and olives.  
i am so grateful for every day that Heavenly Father blesses me with.  I have come close to not seeing another day before, and I have been so blessed to stick around and enjoy more of the things that make me happiest in life.
I am also very grateful for the knowledge I have that my family can be together always and that there is more to this life than just living here and dying here.

Eric always reminds me that the key is brief. I should not ramble and make long post.  I felt I needed to list things I am most grateful for and I'm sure I left a couple million things out! At this time of year and especially right now in the world, when it is so easy to feel down and in despair, lets all try to remember the things that we are grateful for and realize how truly blessed we really are.  HAPPY THANKS GIVING!!! Lets do just that! 

Much love, Sara 

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Eric and Sara said...

Hi Sara! I love this post! This is ashley hunt (joes wife) signed in as you, I was applying your christmas facelift (long overdue, i know) and I was listening to the pretty josh groban music and reading your thankful post. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! We can't wait to see you!

Love, Ashley