Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to my man!...kind of....


My husband kind of gets a birthday this year.  Actually we are spending all weekend celebrating it.  Lucky guy. I just found out that only 11 times in 100 years February 28th is on a saturday and March 1st on a sunday, so his birthday is allowed to last all weekend. (even though that is how we usually celebrate it!)  Since he was born on February 29th (as most of you know) he will turn 7 1/4 this year!  i know.  I hear jokes all the time. "sara's robbing the craddle."  "wow, so you like em young?"  Eric and a brother that is 4 years older than him (but only one year older in numbers) share their leap day birthdays.  We are going to dinner tonight and then to a comedy show with Brian Regan.  Tomorrow we hope to have some friends over for cake and what not.  We'll see.  

I just wanted to take the time to tell Eric publicly happy birthday.  These last couple of weeks (and years too) but especially the last couple of weeks I have really noticed how perfect we are for each other.  I never laugh harder than when I am with eric.  He makes me smile.  We have such a good time together always.  We have so much in common and just enough differences to make things interesting.  I'm grateful for how hard he works, in school, at home, and at the pharmacy.  I know it is because of his upbringing.  I see it in all of his family.  I am grateful for how his parents raised him and how he on his own has bettered himself.  I'm so glad he was born!  So happy birthday punks!

Okay, all right!  enough of the mushy stuff.  "that is neither here nor there!"  :)  We will try to get some new pictures up quick.  we've been working hard, studying harder, and having fun while we're at it.  We'll see if we can capture some pictures worthy of this blog!  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Love, Sara  


Brian and Amber said...

Happy Birthday Eric!!! Too bad you guys live so far away, we could have celebrated together since my b-day was the 27th

SmustysGirl said...

Happy Birthday! That's awesome that you guys went to see Brian Reagan! We are so jealous!

McKay Whitney said...

yo yo yo Sara! Thanks for coming and writing on our blog. I often think to myself, "What does the word 'science' mean?" Then I quickly remember and picture you looking up and seperating your hands in kind of a rainbow shape and saying thoughtfully: "To know. Science means, To Know."
Hope you remember doing that or else you will think I am a major geek.
its ok that you are a blog stalker. ;)