Saturday, August 28, 2010

ONE WHOLE YEAR!! (its been awhile)

So, wow! It has been a long time since my last post. Sorry to anyone still looking at my blog, which, by comments left and what not, i can tell it is slim. for my own personal record though, i apologize to myself for the lack in blogging. The babes celebrated their 1st birthday on August 25th, 2010. That day and the day before, my mind kept racing back to that same day a year earlier. All of the events, the way I felt, things that happened. I wanted to cry that it had all been a year ago, and yet, I was so happy that my babies, my dear, sweet, tiny babies had made it one whole year! I cannot explain in words and don't know that I ever will be able to explain the feeling I had when holding those babies for the first time. I didn't get to hold them for hours and hours after they were born. In fact, i believe it was almost a whole day before I got to hold them. I got to see them 5 or 6 hours after they were born and even that felt like an eternity. Pure joy. that is what that must feel like. I had never seen anything more precious than those two little ones i got to call mine. After 3 1/2 weeks of all the traveling back and forth to the hospital, all the nurses taking care of our babies, all of the business about our twins being the "stellar twins" (they got that nickname for how well they seemed to progress daily and how quickly they were ready to go home and grow!), and especially after the emotional roller coaster of watching my babies being hooked up to tube after tube and needle poke after needle poke, we were ready to bring them home....or so we thought. Those first few months were nothing less then a big ball of love, joy, excitement, and lets be honest, misery. I must have gotten 3 hours of sleep or less each night for many nights. about the same for Eric. what's worse is that he had school in the morning. When we brought the babies home, we had them sleep in two separate rubbermaid bins by my bed side. That lasted a whole hour. They were so loud when they slept and we couldn't sleep, so in their crib they went! Thank heavens for my wonderful friends, who even with babies of their own, came over to let me sleep, or shower, or brush my teeth, or made me dinner or lunch. I could not have survived those months without those very dear and loved people. I will never be able to express to them my love and gratitude for them. Okay, okay, back to the point. Boyd and Brynlee. they grew quickly and developed at the pace of a full term baby. Boyd began crawling at 9 months and Brynlee at 10 1/2 months. I think she knew how, she just would rather watch Boyd. Bryn got her first tooth at 6 months at Boyd near 7 months. They both chatter like crazy. Bryn loves to talk all the time. She loves to giggle and she has a smile that is contagious. Boyd is goofy. he knows how to make his sister and anyone else laugh. He is a mover. He crawls at the speed of light! or at least faster than i can keep up! Together they love to play tag. Bryn will make sure Boyd is chasing her and the she start crawling away and laughing so hard and Boyd chases as fast as he can and laughs all the while. It makes me smile just to write this. they love to talk with each other. and they love to play with what ever toy the other one is holding. This makes for a lot of fun! (insert sarcasm) Boyd knows how to wrestle with Bryn. He loves to sneak up behind her while she is crawling and wrap his arm around her neck and pull her down. We think it is cute, but it never had a happy ending. Poor girl is going to be tough when she is older! (if she survives) We had a small get together with some close friends for their birthday. Nothing fancy, but fun none the less. Eric wanted them to have a home made buttermilk chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for their birthdays, so that is what i made. We had a dinner and cupcakes with friends. Here are some fun pics! OOOHHH! updates too!

Brynlee: 1 Yr old
23lbs 9oz
29 3/8 in

Boyd: 1 Yr
24lbs 9oz
30 5/8 in

In no particular order:

the final product of Bryn and her cake
The final product of Boyd and his cake
Some friends at the park!
The balloons were a hit! (for the kids that were there)
the food, the dad, one of the kids. Eric enjoyed watching the kids plow into the cake!
more friends!
Bryn was starting to fall asleep as she was eating her cake. It was adorably cute!
Boyd loving every second of this!
I love this pose. She is so tired, overwhelmed and content!
They didn't understand why everyone was watching them eat. that doesn't usually happen.

Their first taste. they played with the cake and then ate it!

singing and bringing their cakes to them.
right before the cake made its final resting place on their trays!
cupcakes for friends.
Boyd and Bryn's birthday cakes! Mickey Mouse themed party if you couldn't tell!


ShEiLa said...

How fun are they? Sara you get to times everything by 2. I can only imagine how you felt those first few months... first pregnancy and make it twins. Welcome to the Mommyhood. I am sure they are luck to have such a wonderful Mommy and Daddy and they cherish you as much as you cherish them. Best Wishes in the year to come.


Derek and Lisa Larson said...

They are so cute, Sara! I can't believe how fast that first year goes by, huh? I'm sure you've had your hands full but I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!

Chavonne said...

Oh what Cuties!!! What a fun first birthday. Hope you are doing good!

Emily Curfew said...

happy first birthday twins!!
brynlee and boyd are adorably adorable!!

Callie said...

I've been following your blog for the past year. Until now I thought you thought the twin thing was super easy and a breeze. Thanks for not making me feel so bad, those first months are HARD!! But let me tell you this year (from one to two) was one of my favorite times yet... maybe it was because the boys weren't literally attached to my body every few hours or maybe it was because sleep became part of our lives again thus reinstating sanity to our vocabulary; whatever it was I hope you enjoy the next year as much as I did. And yes I loved my babies when they were infants it's just no one really understands the struggles of a husband in grad school and trying to raise two babies, without family close by... except for you :).

Davenport Family said...

What a fun party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Boyd and Bryn!!

Jeffrey K Hunt said...

They are so cute. I wish I could of been there to see everything happen. First birthday's are some of the most fun. Give them kisses for me. Miss you guys tons. Love Ya. Terra

Jeffrey K Hunt said...

What cute kids you have. I miss them so much. I love first birthdays. They get so messy. Wish we could of been there. Love you guys. Give the kids kisses. Love, Terra

Amber Blair said...

So cute, I love it!! The years just go by faster from now on....just to warn you!! :)

Ashley -The Cutest Blog on the Block said...

Wow! so cute! You need a new blog background little lady! I love how you did separate cakes for each baby. So cute!