Tuesday, September 6, 2011

okay, more picture overload....June, July, and August

Boyd loves puzzles

Brynlee after bath

blowing out the candles on the birthday cake

the flame calls to me....
bryn loves puzzles too!
look at that beautiful boy!!
birthday ice cream at red robin
the best way to eat an ice cream sundae
this is becoming a regular pose for bryn in family pics :)
I wish i didn't think it was funny.
seriously? She is beauty at its finest! That sweet face!! I love her.
And this is my most handsome little man!! He is so smiley and adorable!! My goodness!
Unlike brynlee, this guy loves to have his picture taken and shouts a loud, "cheese" at the first sign of a camera
jette on the oregon coast
i love this pic
and this one too!!
see? "Cheese!!"
Just my cute guy!
Brynlee and Grandma Roberts reading Mary Mack-one of their new faves
oregon coast
terrible twos x 2 at its finest! :)
what i imagine the Jersey shore looks like after a night of partying. ;) really it is the sea lion caves north of Florence OR
Sea Lion Caves-coast and the wind is bugging Boyd just a little.
sea lion caves-light house view.
Brynlee kept saying, "dirt. crib. night night." yep, girl. night, night for a really long time. :)
inside the cave. 200 feet down the middle of a rock in an elevator puts you right in the cave
more coastal pics. its just beautiful.
even at the park, brynlee is texting. some kids and their technology
boyd snuck of to play and i had no idea what he was playing with.
aftermath. and his sweatshirt weighed 10lbs. I rang out about a gallon of muddy water.
nothing better than the taste of dirt. i just laughed!
blackberries from our bushes in our back yard.
early birthday for the kids. they love their slide.
hydrating up for a day of fun!
there are no words.
Bandon OR-
daddy and his babies
and mommy and her babies
i love this pic.
brynlee making sure to smile so she doesn't get in trouble!
4th of july-playing in the park
beauty is so serious.
family at the festivities.
what the? yes, that is a doll on the back of her motorcycle.
boyd relaxing on his train ride.
so excited! train at the safari.
first trip to the coast-watching the water come in.
beach in Florence
Boyd at the beach
bryn did not like the waves. mommy had to help her walk up to the water.

family photo op

on our drive from Roseburg to the coast.
whats up ladies.....


Derek and Lisa Larson said...

It's fun to see you back in the blogging world :)
Clearly twins has been keeping you busy!

The Haynes Herd said...

Awesome. It looks like you guys had a sweet summer. We miss your fam! boyd and bryn are getting so big. hope they had a good birthday! You are looking amazingly thin, by the way. Enjoy Oregon's Fall.

The Eggleston family said...

Love these pictures!