Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Whole New Year!!!

I'd say that pretty much sums it all up, right? If we wish a happy whole new year, that covers birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, 4th of July, Columbus day, man, i could go on forever! In all seriousness, I really do hope that this is the best 2008 for everyone ever! Reflecting back on the last year, a lot has happened. Not too much happened for us in the first couple months of the year, but as it progressed, so did the happenings. Eric applied to a few Pharmacy schools. We were invited down for an interview to Arizona. We were later notified that Eric had been placed on the waiting list for Arizona and Montana. As the next couple of months passed by, we knew we needed to move elsewhere even if Eric wasn't accepted to a program. So then came June. Eric surprised me one day at work with a thin white sheet of paper. "Congratulations, you have been accepted to the.........Pharmacy school in Missoula Montana! We were in! We took the necessary steps to move here. Called a few people, lined up an apartment and what not. So with the help of Eric's mom and my dad, we made it to Missoula. It was so ugly! It was fire season and the town was nothing but smoke. Well, I'm am so pleased to say that my opinions have changed. WE LOVE IT HERE! As we were unloading boxed from the truck, about 15 people from our ward showed up to help unpack us. We instantly had friends. There are 2 couples in our ward that are P1 students and 3 P1 couples that have become our greatest friends. Although we are far from family and our St. George homes, we have never felt more "at home." The weather is cold and beautiful. Fall was beautiful, winter snow is beautiful, and we are loving this area! Thanksgiving and Christmas were a little different for us. It was spent with friends only, who are now starting to feel like part of the family. Christmas Eve we had dinner at a friends house. They have 4 little kids, who helped bring back memories of my siblings and I on Christmas eve. Christmas day, eric and I had a modest little Christmas. It was fun. We drove to Big Fork (2 hours away) to see Eric's two sisters and their families. The highlight of our Christmas was probably being able to do the 12 days of Christmas for another family. It was exciting and fun. It also brought back some family memories of the times that we did that. So now, a whole year has come and gone and Dec. 31st again, was spent with friends, playing games and eating treats! (as if we didn't eat enough of those at Christmas) Yesterday, Eric reminded me of how many football games will be on January 1st. (today, which is why i have so much time to write this) I think there are 4 on at the same time right now! He is in the other room actually watching 4 bowl games right now. I think it is starting to take a toll on him. I better get in there and get him a fresh dew. He is losing his voice and getting thumb cramps. (it seems they forgot that warning on the remote!) He has informed me that his favorite sports writer stew mandel has actually written an article on how to watch 4 games playing at the same time. Eric is applying that knowledge right now. And so the new year begins as it should! Can't wait to see my family soon! 3 1/2 days and counting! XO

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