Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Sweetie!

Today my husband turned 28 on his 7th birthday. The day started off opening presents, followed by a phone call to a radio station- and the host called me a 'cradle robber'.  Since this was the first real birthday I have had with Eric, I wanted to do something extra special. We invited a bunch of our friends to Pizza Hut for dinner and then a few of us went bowling. Eric wanted his traditional German chocolate cake with homemade frosting. It didn't turn out quite like his mom's, but Eric said it still tasted great and everyone seemed to choke it down just fine- so no complaints here. (Mindi, I'll get the recipe on here soon!)  So all together, it was a great night!  I'm not usually one to get schmoopy on these blogs, but I did want to say how much I absolutely love and adore my husband.  He makes me the happiest I've ever been.  He is a genius in my eyes and such a hard worker.  Which brings me to my next point....
Good worker
Hard worker

Seriously though, I love my husband beyond words.  Thank you so much for being born!  


Emily & Jeremy said...

that's so awesome that Eric's bday is on leap day! . my sister was ALMOST born on leap day - she just turned 28 on feb 28.

HAPpy BiRthday!!!

Josh & Mindi Allen said...

You are so funny....THAT'S RIGHT YOU BETTER POST THAT RECIPE! Hope you had fun in Vegas! See you back soon!

B&B said...

Happy birthday Eric!

Dustin, Angie, & Jacob said...

I love your Dwight acronym. I gave Dustin a poster of it for Christmas. He laminated it, hung it in his classroom, and tells his students to be like Dwight.