Friday, March 14, 2008

My trip to St. George

I had such a blast in St. George.  It was my first time spending the night away from my husband, so it was very hard for me to leave.  I was excited to see my family, but I didn't want to leave my dear sweet husband in the snowy cold of Missoula....but i did!  My flight was so awesome.  I had been stuck in the doom and gloom of Missoula and as soon as the plane took off and got above the gray, I could not believe my eyes.  The sky was a vibrant blue and the clouds were glowing white with the sun shining down on them.  To top that off, I was listening to a little eddie vetter(sp?) 'Into the Wild' soundtrack.  Needless to say, I had a big relaxing smile on my face.  Doesn't take much to make this girl happy.  I love my little nieces and nephews so much.  I really want to see little man ethan soon, so we'll see what we can pull off, but here are some random pics of my St. George fun!


Josh & Mindi Allen said...

Ugh. You make me sick! I'm soooo jealous, but I'm serious, one of these years we'll have to plan a trip together...might as well, we're stuck together for the next 4 years!

Bobbie Jean said...

Oh my gosh girl.. How are you? I am so glad you did find me. your blog is awesome. You look like you are doing well. You have only been married for two years? It feels like longer then that. but I have a hard time keeping track. So do you have any kids yet. I see lots of pictures of kids but I can't tell if those are yours or nieces and nephews.. Anyway glad we are connected..
Miss you Girl

Emily C. said...

Hey! Can you tell Aaron and Jessie about our blog? We don't have their email address, but would love to share our blog and see theirs too.