Friday, October 24, 2008

For inquiring minds!

Here is the easy as ever directions for making these yummy treats!  

Items you will need:
Hershey hugs
Hershey Kisses
M&M's ( i used the fun halloween ones)
pretzel (snaps kind. they look like grids)

Preheat your oven to whatever you want.  I did a batch at 300 degrees and then a batch at 235 degrees.  Lower is probably better.  Unwrap a bag of Kisses and a bag of hugs.  I used parchment paper this time to line my cookie sheet.  this is not needed but clean up was a lot easier.  Put as many pretzels on the sheet as you would like and set hugs and kisses on the pretzels.  Place in the oven and let melt.  There is no exact amount of time to keep in oven.  Watch closely so they don't melt completely.  When you notice chocolate beginning to droop, it is time to remove them from the oven. (about 2-4 minutes)  Put an M&M on each chocolate and push down if needed.  Place in a very cool place to let cool.   P.S.  Hugs melt a lot faster than Kisses, so if you can, put these on a separate cookie sheet.  No big deal if you don't!  Easiest treat i have ever made!!

I used candy cane kisses for christmas and used red and green M&Ms.  You can used strawberry kisses and blue M&M's for the 4th of july.  there are so many options!  enjoy! 


Kim said...

I'm totally going to try it...they are way cute!! Are you going to be around at all for the holidays?

Kim said...

So I tried making them. The hugs turned out way good. Then I tried the kisses, I must have missed the window of opportunity to pull them out because they never seemed to melt, but by the time I finally pulled them out they were baked hard. I'll have to try again...I'm a big fan! Abby loved unwrapping all the candy!