Saturday, October 11, 2008

Random Tag!

Rules are:  List 7 random/weird facts about yourself.
Then, tag 7 random/weird people.  So here goes:

1:  People in costumes creep me out. Not just a halloween costume.  We're talking Disneyland, people under huge costumes.  You have no idea who they are and you can't see them.  Why would I give tigger a hug?  It is just some random guy in a costume and I wouldn't hug just some random guy on a normal occasion.  Call me crazy, I just don't like 'em.

2:  For meals all of my dishes and silver have to match.  And if there is a design on the plate, they all have to be facing the same direction.  Drives me crazy if someone has a different cup or spoon, and don't even think about turning your plate!  Seriously, don't!

3:  Every 6 years, my birthday is on Thanksgiving!  When I was little I used to think that everyone was getting together to eat a massive dinner for my birthday.  Silly kids!

4:  I am not superstitious or any kind of stitious for that matter, but  since I have been diagnosed with diabetes, nearly 14 years ago(!) every  years at the same time of year, something related with hospitals happens to me.  For instances:  December 6th I got to come home from the hospital after being diagnosed with Diabetes.  6 years later on December 6th I had to go to the hospital for ketoacidosis.  (don't ask.  it's scarier than it sounds ;))  and again 6 years later on December 6th my dear sweet husband Eric had to call 911 and have the paramedics come inject me with glucose.  I guess I should have eaten more candy.  Needless to say I might be pulling an all nighter when that time rolls around again.  So yeah, me and December 6th.

5:  Which brings me to my next topic.  Numbers.  I have no idea why, but I have an extremely good memory when it comes to numbers.  I can remember every password, I can remember dates of things from when I was very young, I remember birthdays, and I can remember random peoples phone numbers.  However, I must admit that this whole speed dial thing throws that off a bit.  Sometimes it drives me crazy all the numbers I can remember.

6:  I can't do much without music.  I like the silence sometimes.  I like to be able to think.  But most of the time music is my outlet.  I love lots of types of music.  I love playing music.  I love listening to live music.  I love new types of music.  I just love it.  A great creation for sure!

7:  I don't like to use mops.  I would way rather get on the floor with a rag and a bucket of water and start scrubbing away.  This drives Eric crazy, therefore, I am working on that quirk.  Mops are fine, but I never think the floor gets as clean.  Also, I love to clean.  It has to be when Eric is away from the house and I can turn up the music (refer to #6).  I love to scrub and rearrange things and get in every nook and cranny.  (this deep cleaning doesn't happen as often as i'd like) 

Now, I hope that you are all entertained by these things that I have shared with you.  I'm sure there are many more like how I hate the word used for tooting (thats not much better) that starts with an "f"  or how every cupboard door, drawer, closet, or any door for that matter needs, has to be shut. 

So now I tag: Ashley H, Jill H, Terra H, the other Ashley H, Summer, Kim, Shannon, Heather 

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Josh and Mindi Allen said...

Cute qwirks...we always knew you were a little different! haha! just kidding. Okay, about the canvas, I made it myself...very easy! I've made them for other people as well...along with the paint buckets! so fun!