Monday, October 19, 2009

Our kids turn the big 0! and more fun! (warning:pic overload)

My due date for the twins was October 16th. As you can see by previous post, we didn't come close to making our due date. So on Friday October 16th Boyd and Bryn turned zero. They each way almost 8 pounds and to us are turning in to quite the little butter balls! Enjoy the show!

Bryn telling me it's quite time! Her hat might be a bit too big!
holding in her pacifier. cell phone pic. sorry
heart melting million dollar smile=priceless
Happy Zero birthday big guy!
Happy Zero birthday big girl!
Boyd is all ready for college game day w/dad!
Bryn is right beside him doing her cheers!
Bryn says it's prayer time and folds her arms
hangin onto her blanket for dear life!
Boyd is just enjoying the ride
Brynlee likes her head. tats where you find her hands a lot
He's not laughing w/you, he's laughing at you!
Grandma made this beautiful quilt for Boyd
and this one for Bryn!
they aren't identical twins, but close! i caught them likethis one morning
this is how eric and i feel at the end of each day


Mindi said...

Holy cow they are huge...(comparible to when I saw them last!) I'm back from the mother-land so call anytime!

Amber Blair said...

Wow, they're growing good then, that's awesome!! They are SO cute!! I bet you guys are so exhausted, I can't imagine having to do everything twice, good grief!!

The Oler Family said...

Hey Sara! I don't know if I'm a pro but I was going to ask you how they were sleeping. What's their schedule like? They are so cute! If you have any questions I'd love to answer them if I can. Something I found that helped the middle of night stuff go smoother was I do my best to do whatever I was doing in the dark or with as little light as possible and to try not to talk to them. I found that if I talked to them it would wake them up more, and yes it is very hard not to talk to those sweet little faces. Have you ever tried swaddling them together? They might not like it but its worth a shot.

Brittany said...

What perfect angels you have. I can't believe you have been enjoying them for so long and their due date was the 16th. They really are darling.

Ashley -cutestblogontheblock said...

Ahhhh! I want to squeeze them. I'm so proud of the two of you for being such great parents! Love ya!