Monday, November 30, 2009

Where has the time gone?!

I cannot believe that a month and a half has passed since my last post. I have some awesome pics of the events since october 19th. Halloween and what not. My babies are already 3 months old. and as I type, they stir. We'll see how this goes

Eric let me out to go to the store! What a great dad!

Brynlee posing for the camera
Boyd's 'deer in the headlights' look. No flash necessary!
I love this picture
I painted their punkins on Halloween. they don't know what to think!
They didn't need costumes this year. We stayed home, but I thought they looked very festive! Boyd is on your left and Bryn on the right.
Our pumpkin had the flu. Its everywhere in Montana!
the Escalade of strollers. Out for a sunday stroll.

What a little angel!
Dad and Boyd taking a nap. What a little cuddle bug

Having cuddle time with mom.
Boyd giving us one of his smiles
Not another picture mom. Oh brother!
Daddy alone with Boyd + pen in hand = A very mad boyd with some mean eyebrows!
A second halloween outfit. they don't look too happy about this one.

Here is a little update on the 3 month olds!

Boyd: He is growing like a weed. On November 24th he weighed 10lbs 3oz! He would eat for 4 hours at a time if i would let him. He loves to smile and has some million dollar ones for us. It is fun to be able to make him smile now! His cry is super sad and doesn't mind giving us some good screams every now and then. This little boy needs/has to be held. It is a habit we are trying to break and I think it is starting to work. As i type him and his sister are in the next room over talking to each other. Which brings up the next step. Boyd is pretty good at talking. he makes all sorts of sounds. soooo cute. He has a big bump underneath his upper lip. It is called a Hemangioma. This could get bigger for up to a year, and usually goes away by the time they are 5 years old! We don't think we'll wait that long to have it taken care of. It doesn't affect his eating too much. but it is starting to. He is starting to hold up his head. We work on this everyday. We love this kid so much!

Brynlee: Is also growing like crazy. On the 24th of november she weighed 10lbs 8oz. She is starting to slow down on the eating. Both kids used to eat for about 1 hour each. she eats in 45 minutes and boyd in 1 hour. (not a big deal. i feed them at the same time!) Brynlee gives us huge smiles. We can make her smile and sometimes she does it on her own. She has the cry of an attacking bald eagle. It is the highest pitch most adorable thing i've ever heard. Her dad and I mostly just laugh when she cries. of course that is sad, but you would too if you heard it! She is really good at holding up her head. it only bobbles once in a while. She is talking a little bit but not as much as boyd. She is a little miss independent. Most of the time now I can put her in a bouncy chair or her swing and attempt to get something done. and she is usually fine! We love her so much!

It is so fun to watch these two grow and develop in different areas at different paces. I love it. I love that i am able to stay home and watch them grow and be able to help them along the way. What a blessing! I have so much to be thankful for!


Amber Blair said...

Cute babies!! I can't believe it's been 3 months already. You look fabulous Sara!! Keep up the good work! :)

Erica Mangum said...

I cant believe you have 2! Time flys! they will be 1 before you know it! They are so cute! I love their little halloween outfits! And thrm in that present.... how adorable! You are amazing! We need to talk sometime! Miss you!

Callie said...

Loved the update. Things seem to be going great. They are so cute!! Mom and dad are pretty adorable too.