Thursday, March 25, 2010

7 MONTHS OLD!!! (i'm a horrible mother!)

These pictures are from most recent to a month or two ago....i guess just since the last post. Picture overload and holy smokes they are 7 months old! I have no idea where time goes, but it really does fly! Boyd and Bryn are talking and laughing and smiling like crazy! they are the happiest babies ever! They sleep like champs and Brynlee wakes up smiling. They are eating solids now. Mostly oatmeal, but they never complain about eating peas or carrots. they both happen to be a fan of both! We love our little B&B so much!

Boyd and his beautiful big blue eyes after a nice warm bowl of oatmeal!
Bryn and her beautiful big blue eyes after a delicious meal!
I had to get their pic together. We decided it takes less effort to feed them without their clothes. :)
Boyd couldn't wait for dinner. He needed to start eating right away.
A nice warm day equals a nice walk in town with good friends. this is how we roll.
bryn soakin it up in the bath tub. they both enjoy sucking on wash cloths.
Pondering life just before her bath. or maybe she sees something she wants to eat!
Boyd is so excited to be taking his bath! Check out that million dollar smile!
Melts my heart every time.
bryn just hangin out in her bumbo!
What a stud. he's one tough guy.
Eric celebrated the big 3-0! We had family in town for the kids blessings. perfect timing!
The gathering
Boyd in his blessing outfit. What a handsome little man
Beautiful Brynlee in her blessing dress. Purely angelic
The first time we fed them cereal it didn't go over so well. By the end of this night, all of the cereal was on the dinosaur. Now they are eating like champs!
Brynlee decided rather than eat the cereal, she would take an oatmeal bath. Great beauty tip.
Cute outfits from Aunt sueann. We love them....and her.
Brynlee just hanging out in her cute outfit from uncle brian and aunt jen!
Boyd in his (or our) favorite John Deere gear! What a boy!
I can't get enough of these two! They change every day!
reading books has the same affect on Bryn as they do on her mom! :)
Boyd in his favorite "elmer fudd" hat!
Caught 'em both in a good mood and couldn't resist! The trickier thing would be to catch them both in a bad mood.
I hope it doesn't take another two months for our next updates! We'll work on that.


Amber Blair said...

SOOOOOO cute!! I love them!! I can't believe they're 7 months old already. Wow, time flies!!

Callie said...

Adorable! Thanks for the update. Um, you're way better than I was I didn't start blogging until the boys were a year old and even then I thought it was just one more thing to add to the list so it didn't get done very often.

twin0mama said...

I stumbled on here and you're babies are cute. My boy/girl twins are about a month within yours. If you think you're bad I have to count on my fingers how many months my kids are and ask what month it is when people ask me how old my babies are! You can't be a horrible mother until they hit teens anyways. X3