Monday, May 10, 2010

8 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day....(see counter above)

So these pics are obviously not all taken on this day. They are from events prior to 8 mo, 2 wks, and 1 day! Easter, warm weather, Spokane trip, eating...etc. These kids are so amazing and never cease to amaze us. I'm sure you all say that about your kids, and thats fine. I just know that my kids are AmAzInG! :) Right now they are sleeping through the night....most nights. They eat like they have hollow legs too! They are being moved into two separate cribs soon! (way too big to keep sharing)

Weighs nearly 20 lbs
On april 9th he was 28 inches (who knows now)
he loves carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, rice and oatmeal.
He hates peas, but we give them to him anyway. (it brings a smile to my face)
He eats bananas, apples, and pears as long as they are mixed in with the cereal. (i think its a texture thing)
He is obsessed with waving his hand. I don't think he has made the connection that it is a greeting, but he waves non stop at himself and all over!
He is all smiles, all the time! He laughs a lot and has just started yelling at things or people (which makes for a fun day at church!) It is mostly for attention.
He is very ticklish. (probably gets that from me)
He is not quite sitting up yet, but he is pretty close.
He can't quite crawl, but his bum is in the air and he is up on his arms. Make no mistake about this boy tho, he can get around! He rolls around and looks like an inch worm inching his way!
This kid loves to jump. we have a chair for him to jump in and once there, he does not stop moving. Super active, typical boy!
We love him so much and he makes us so happy!

Weighs about 18 1/2 lbs
on april 9th measured 26 1/2 inches
this girl loves all vegetables; peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans
She loves all of the fruits but like boyd, they have to be mixed with her rice or oatmeal cereals. She, also like boyd, has a hollow leg. They eat non stop! Nursing, formula, solids. they eat!
Brynlee has waved at a few people. coincidence or not, you make the call. She can do it tho!
She has two front bottom teeth. We had no idea she even had her first one, (lucky us) but she was only a little fussy when the second came in. Yes, we are very lucky.
She smiles all the time. and loves to laugh. she is a big flirt. at church on sunday a 3 or 4 year old boy was looking at her and she wouldn't stop laughing at him. then today my friend came over with her two kids and her nearly 3 year old boy was jumping and she was laughing so hard! I was dying. I had never seen her laugh like that. what a flirt! and clearly just as easily entertained as her mom! :)
She hates to be on her tummy but daddy makes sure to keep her there until she does like it! She will roll on to her tummy and put up with it for only a little while. She can't crawl yet either but does just fine making her way around by rolling and turning all over!
she is sitting up. she loves to sit up as long as things are within her reach. she is so good at it too!
This girl has such a fun personality and never stops making us laugh and smile! We are so lucky she is ours!

okay, okay now on to the stuff every one wants! PICTURES!

bryn fresh out of the bath.....
Look at this beautiful boy, chillin in his chair
They wouldn't be our kids if they didn't have ESPN gear..
ready for the game!
The falls in Spokane at River front park
Boyd hanging out in our hotel room
bryn must have seen a fly! :) she loves her tongue
evening stroll down by the river
here is the stroll part :)
Easter best! we took the kids to the chapel to catch a session of conference.
Boyd is done with getting his picture taken. he wants his easter ham!
Check out those peepers! She looks ready for spring. too bad the warm weather is only now starting to arrive!
again with the peepers! She loves her food so much. and did you know that veggies make an excellent facial mask?
Bryn went for a walk with mom while the boys hung out. ready to roll with her shades. She got a lot of compliments that day!
Boyd giving us his very shy smile. He is a flirt and knows how to use that smile to his advantage!
This is what feeding your kids looks like when you sell your kitchen table before your new one arrives. We are glad it finally got here!
Boyd loves his toes almost as much as his veggies! :)
Oatmeal goatee
She can get anywhere!
You can't spell princess without ESPN! good point. Just exactly how her daddy likes watching the games too! ;)
Boyd is ready to go toss some pigskin! all in due time son.....
warm weather=time at the park with friends! family photo op
I couldn't help it. this is how he fell cute
Loves to sit up in his swing.....will not sit back unless he is asleep!
again with the sitting up...kind of makes it hard to feed him. Bryn just wants her food.
Happy he is about to be fed! but usually this way anyway!
Big blue eyes! The only similarity between brother and sister!
Boyd was given a twix candy bar to play with. I thought to myself, "no teeth, wrapper is sealed, it makes noise, and it has something in it. this should keep him entertained!"
He managed to open the wrapper and suck all the chocolate off of the end of the candy bar. Then we caught him! That is determination. Must be his momma's boy!
Bryn and mommy hanging out on mothers day.
This mothers day was so fun and special for me. I enjoyed so much spending time with Eric and my two sweetest little (or not so little) babies. I love more than anything being a mom, but not just any mom, their mom. I was spoiled on sunday with a steak dinner complete with baked potato, large green salad, cooked carrots and a cherry cheesecake! all prepared for me by my wonderful husband. I love that guy! Thanks for making me feel loved and appreciated!
Hope you all enjoyed the load of pictures! and can't wait for my kids to actually meet my family members and some friends! see you all soon!


Kim said...

They are so stinkin' cute!!! I can't wait to meet them!!!

Amber Blair said...

So cute!! I hope I'm included in that 'friend's' catagory!!

ShEiLa said...

I can hardly believe that you kids that I once had at my house having sleepovers and parties and ward activities... are all grown up with kids of your own.

I wish Cest .n. Moe had one or two of their own... maybe one day soon. Time will tell.

Your kiddos are growing up so fast... I guess that you are no different than anyone else. Babies, Toddlers, Children, Teens... just don't blink. Enjoy every moment.