Sunday, November 18, 2007

erics New Do!

Erics dream of having a mohawk has finally come true! He will actually fit in with a lot of the kids i see hanging around here! oddly enough! mullets, shag or mohawks and you're in! Don't worry. We shaved it all off after we were done having our fun!

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Jared & Shannon said...

Eric & Sara! Thanks so much for writing us! We also loved your blog! The scenery pictures were awesome, and also the travel pictures, but mine and Jared's favorite is definately the mohawk, and the syndrome and peggy sue pictures! How did you do that?? SO, YEAH. We miss you guys a ton too. We were just looking at your blog thinking...yeah THERE are our friends! There aren't any couples out here like you guys! We'll keep in touch for sure! Keep up the funny stories, and let us know how that cold weather is treating you. We are freezing here at 60 degrees... hehe...not to rub it in or anything. It should pass soon, we should be back to 80 degrees in no time. ;) Love ya! Write soon!!