Friday, November 30, 2007

home SWEET home

Eric and I started a gingerbread tradition for ourselves after Thanksgiving day. Thanks to the local candy store, we were able to find rock candy to make our house a home. We also found this cool Christmas tree and had fun decorating that. We will soon post some pics of our own Christmas tree. I love it! I hope all is well with the visitors of our blog! We're thankful for our friends! Until next time, enjoy the SWEET pics! Sara Roberts


EMMA said...

Those are some sweet pictures Martha! I am totally impressed with your skills. Hope you're enjoying the winter there!!

Jared & Shannon said...

Hey guys! Love the houses! I heard your going to be in St. George for New years?? Thats awesome! We'll be down there between Dec. 27th, and Jan 5th, so I'm sure we'll get to hang out!! Let us know!!