Sunday, November 25, 2007

a very special time.....

Well as you all may know, the day after Thanksgiving was a very special day for me! It was spent celebrating and having fun. It has now been 13 years since i was diagnosed with Diabetes! I wasn't in the hospital at this time, but the doctor in Overton told me i was diabetic that day! At any rate, I'm very grateful for technology and the ease of now living with this disease. After 13 years the doctors say that my eyes are barely off perfect, and if they had to tell if i was diabetic by testing my feet, they would never know it! (I've known other people to look at my feet and say, "yep, she's a diabetic!" ) :) In all seriousness, with just a few close calls, things are going pretty darn great! Thanksgiving was good. We spent it with friends here who were also unable to travel home. It was fun and i love our friends so much, so that was nice, but it never compares to being with your family. Just not quite the same, but a nice distraction. Boy oh boy! Missoula sure is cold right now! We actually had a warm day today. It made it to 29 degrees and its only 19 right now. That is the warmest its been for a week or two! It is making the holiday season come to life here. With the snow and what not, it is so beautiful. We've just put up our Christmas tree and the lights on the balcony. we'll be sure to post those pics soon. For now, here are some pics of the beautiful snow here. Until next time, keep in touch!
much love, sara

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