Friday, May 9, 2008

Multi-tasking Man!

That's right! I said multi-tasking and man in the same sentence.  I am in no way a man basher!  However I have heard many times that women are the best at multi-tasking and that men don't know how.  (I don't have a source for that last quote. please forgive me)  I am here to show all that statement is false.  At least from my stand point.  So my amazing husband is done with his first year of Pharmacy school already!  I can't flat believe it.  I keep thinking there is another semester to it or something.  That was easy!  (for me)  My job is easy though.  Go to work.  Bring home the bacon and support my husband.  piece of cake.  Eric on the other hand needs to know words like; glucuronidation and reverse-transcriptase inhibitor.  Don't ask me!  Poor guy!  If the next 2 go by like that I may keep Eric in school!  Are you kidding!?  No Way!  The last year will be be mostly an internship, so we don't count that as part of the book work countdown.  My husband is amazing!  He really does do it all!  I'm not just saying that because he's the spouse and I want to sound like the sweetest wife.  I actually have a few pics to prove that he can and does, in fact, multi-task.

You gotta love that! STUDying, Vacuuming, and watching basketball.  He is the best!  Oh yeah, he is home before me, so he also is very good at making dinner.  He also builds things, like the plant box and he even has time to help me take care of our tomatoes.  I'm the luckiest!  Here's to another 3 years of pharm school!  P2 is supposed to be the hardest.  I'll keep you posted!  


Adams Squared said...
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Adams Squared said...

Hooray on finishing the first year!!! It'll go by so fast you won't believe it. Then when you are finished you get to start paying off all those student loans....that's the really fun part! But it's totally worth it! I saw your dad and Randy cruisin' Bloomington the other day. It was way fun to talk to them. (Sorry about the deleted comment...sorta messed up....okay truthfully Abby deleted half of it but I didn't realize she had done it until after I posted are amazing with computers!)

Emma said...

Congrats to one year down! Now what are you two going to do to celebrate?

Oh and I forgot to tell you we are coming to Montana this summer for a family reunion! How close are you to Livingston my dear?

Adams Squared said...

Tag!!!! (Check my blog.)