Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend in Big Fork

We went to Big Fork last weekend of the special occasion of Eric baptizing and confirming his niece, Emily. We felt right at home as the temp got up to 90 on Saturday- in northern MT, in MAY!  We walked to nearby Flathead River to play with the kids, but it comes straight out of Glacier Nat'l Park so it was a little too cold. That night we pitched our tent in Julie's yard and (one of us) got a good nights rest. Murphy was barking all night so light-sleeping Eric was up all night wondering what was out there. 
And Sara made strawberry jam with her friend. I had to call her "Sister Roberts" for a few days. Is is VERY good. 


Adams Squared said...

That looks like fun! 90 degrees!! you might be getting snow this weekend though!? Marianne and Cody are camping in the snow right now....brrr! It's strange too because on Monday it was hotter we were out swimming! to you later!

Betty said...

Wow that looks beautiful! Hopefully we'll get more days like that soon!

Emma said...

Those are some great pictures! Makes me miss the mountians.

And good job to you Martha on making jam! Very impressive!