Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here in Missoula they offered for the first time this year something called Huddles and Heels.  it was a very fun evening and my friend Beth and I had a great time.  A news reporter interviewed us as well as many others.  I just thought a quick comment or two from us.  this morning I got on line and this is what i read. ....  (accusations of sipping chardonnay are false) I do believe Beth and I were the only sober ones there!  You can check out the complete story if you want to at


Huddles & heels: Clinic teaches women football basics while raising money for Guardian Angel charity 
By CHELSI MOY of the Missoulian
Photographed by MICHAEL GALLACHER of the Missoulian

The Huddles & Heels Women's Football Clinic sponsored by the University of Montana Athletics Department last, week gave more than 250 women the opportunity to get hands-on instruction from members of the Grizzly coaching staff.
MICHAEL GALLACHER/MissoulianClick here to watch the video

Sports fanatic doesn't quite describe Sara Roberts' husband.

"He's nearly an addict," the 25-year-old said.

Last year, the couple not only attended nearly every Grizzly home football game, but also Roberts' husband, a University of Montana pharmacy student, drew up polls and spreadsheets to follow his favorite teams and strategized how to watch four football games at once.

Watching sports together can be frustrating at times, she said. Roberts asks a lot of questions, but getting an answer never goes well unless it's during a commercial break or at a timeout.

That's why Roberts and friend Beth Simmons, 26, found themselves in the Max and Betty Swanson Grizzly Sky Club at the Adams Center last Wednesday evening, sipping chardonnay while dressed in their maroon and silver.

"I have three football seasons to make it through," Roberts said. "I want to impress the guys."

This is a picture of the crazy blind refs that showed up.  They were pretty funny ladies...very creative. .  . not so sober


Josh & Mindi Allen said...

Suuuuure you weren't sippin' a taste! Hahaha! I read that in the paper, soooo funny. If it were me, i'd definately be placing my own little comment in the paper about how they "assumed" you were drinking, but that's me! How fun!

Rocio Gonzalez said...

Hola sara!! Como estas!!? (sorry i felt a little mexican for a minute)anyways how are you?? i see that you guys are keeping busy!! well i just got a new blogg so come visit anytime you want and post some comments!! love rocio

harrison said...

hi there...i seen that rocio had you as a frined, so i added u to how have you been? ember had her baby on monday..5 weeks early..she is so cute and doing good..they are home now..

Emma said...

How cool is that!! You are so funny! And I don't know if I could be a good wife if my husband watched a lot of football.. I'm not kidding, I'd be all sorts of bitter. So good job to you for being that good wife!

Hoagland's said...

Hey little miss. I didn't know you had a blog. I found you on Caria's. Sounds like things are going well. Keep in touch!

The Ropers said...

Hey Sara long time no see/talk! Looks like things are good for you and eric!! That's good! We are great here in salt lake i love the summer's here, but not the winters!! I wish we could live in St. George, but until the job market picks up down there for Nick we won't be able too :( ... We are in a good place right now though, bought our house, nick has a great job, I have a nice job and the Boys are crazy fun!!! Well keep in touch!!! :0)

Sami said...

Oh my heck Sara your still as cute as ever! I found your blog from Tamis, to Bobbis, to yours! I'm so glad to find it because I lost your phone number and haven't been in good touch with you! You and your hubbie are so cute! We will definatley have to catch up! Luv ya, Sami Carter

Adam and Ashley Endsley said...

Hey Sara... found you through kim's blog. I hope you are doing well and not getting too drunk on that chardenney. OUr blog is hope to hear from you soon.

Teri said...

Hey Sara, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It was good to hear from you and nice to know we can keep up with each other on our blogs! Super cool!