Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ghost Town Goodness!

Snow in June!!  Really?!  Come on!
We have had so much fun this last week, and believe me, I was ready for it.  It has snowed here (in june), it rained for about a week, and now the sun is shining and everything is the brightest green ever! So Saturday morning I had to go to Stevensville (45 min. drive) for a tri-stake youth conference. I wasn't to excited, I will admit, but the drive was beautiful and I did have fun.  When I got home, our AWESOME friends Ashley and Brody Hanni, invited us to Garnet Ghost town with them.  It was awesome and full of old buildings, homes and artifacts.  It was a beautiful hour drive there and the weather was perfect!
Eric and I above the ghost town...
ashley up in my bidness in the out house
Eric, Sara, Ashley, and Brody
Those miners had russian coke!

When we were on our way down the mountain, Eric and Brody decided to ride their bikes.  So Ashley and I rode in the truck and followed the menly men.  They got going roughly 40 mph on their bikes!  Holy Moly!  We were nervous!  When we got back into town, we stopped at Cracker Barrel and enjoyed a yummy home cooked-ish meal!  LOVE IT!  

For Fathers Day, Eric and I decided to celebrate ourselves. We have no kids now, but one day Eric will be a father and so we thought we'd make it a habit now to celebrate!  We went to a place called Patee Creek Canyon.  We roasted weenies, ate smores and enjoyed the beauty, weather, and the birds.  It was a great weekend finisher before another work week.  (eric might say the basketball game is the great finisher!) 
Our Delicious set up!

Hope all the fathers I know had a wonderful Fathers Day!          

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