Saturday, September 13, 2008

Creative Bug

This is not something that seems to stay with me at all times.  Occasionally, when we forget to spray for pests, the creative bug bites me.  Not painful, but needs to be attended to ASAP!  I was invited to a baby shower for my friend and once neighbor Melissa.  She is having a boy, and I wanted to make her a growth chart.  I had made a few in the past and had some extra boards lying around.  So.... ta da!  Here is the board and a card I made her.  
never mind the dirty apartment carpet!
It is a board that you hang so that it is 6'1" off the ground and you can hang it anywhere!  

Then today as Eric had a big day of football watching planned, I decided to make some plans of my own.  Now as I said in my previous blog entry, I like my fair share of football, but today was a day to be making something, not watching something.  So, I invited my friend Beth to make these for our husbands at her house while they watch football at our house.  Here is the outcome. The lid

the back

a few of the insides hanging out the front

The "bad call brick" is a sponge painted red.  looks pretty cool, i think. 
On a more random note.....When Eric and I were doing our Saturday chores last weekend, I noticed yellow jackets all over our back porch.  I'm not talking about a collection of yellow coats we have on our patio.  these were flying, irritating, black and yellow, buzzing, stinging yellow jackets.  They had all been swarming into one little spot on our siding.  After some coaxing Eric put an end to it all.  Thank you punks! 



Can you!?  Look at em all!  and those were just the ones that had landed!


Cheryl said...

Nasty! I'm glad you got rid of them. They freak me out!

Cheryl said...

Oh, and PS: your creative bug does a nice job - you make adorable stuff!

Emma said...

Sara those growth charts are adorable! How did you get hte pattern for that?
Better yet... make me one and I will pay you for your mad Martha skills! I am NOT even kidding girl, name your price! I have been looking for some!

Jill said...

You're soo talented!!! I hope you're making a lot of those up to sell. :) The survival kit is adorable... well, can you term something adorable in relation to football?!? Just don't tell Eric!!!

Nice work. Wish I was there crafting with you!!

PS--- See you already sold one on here!!!

Betty said...

When I saw your title, I was hoping you would include our football survival kits. I do admit to eating some of Andy's candy...if it's there I'll eat it!