Thursday, September 4, 2008

The greatest Monday in September

We had big plans for Labor day this year.  We were going to float the river all day.  When we heard the weather would not permit us to do so, we decided to drive 2 hours and go to Flathead Lake and swim/tube there.  We then found that the weather there would also be crummy.  At that point we were determined to go somewhere.  We made plans to drive to Glacier Ntl Park on Monday morning no matter the weather.  We got a call Sunday from Erics sister inviting us to stay in one of their vacation properties.  Wahoo!  So sunday night we watched TV, popped the corn, drank hot cocoa and called it a night.  Monday we drove to Glacier and it was beautiful then cold and gray and then beautiful.  We had a blast.  It snowed a bit.  We had fun!  Thank heavens we live in Heavenly Fathers most beautiful mountain areas!  


Jared & Shannon said...

That sounds like such a good time! Your hair is getting long! You look really pretty! We miss the mountains dearly here in Texas. And it is always hot. We are hoping it cools down soon. Miss you guys!

Kim said...

You guys are always out adventuring!! I think it's great. Neil and I keep talking about going out and doing these great things, but we just never get to it!

Jill said...

Can you believe all the places you have been to since moving out there?!?! How cool (literally) is that!! Hope you're scrapbooking it all!! I sure miss our scrapbook nights. :(

Keep the posts coming, so we can see all the beautiful places you experience in person.

Eric--- great points made on my blog. If Palin can make her policies and plans clear-- I'll support someone like that as my president--- is it too late to switch the nominations?!?! It's just so tiring hear the McCain biography from someone I wanted to hear "different" things from. My father is a Vietnam vet--- and doesn't go around seeking praises from everyone from his service, matter of fact, he doesn't talk about it at all.

Emma said...

You guys are always having so much fun on all your adventures!
I am jealous & I want to come visit.

And hello beautiful! You look so great!! I haven't seen your hair long like that before and I like!

Samantha said...

How fun! It looks like you had a nice day! As for the hot chocolate and snow...sounds nice and cozy!